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Installation Guide and Video

Roof Rack Installation Guide:

100 Series Landcruiser/ Lx470 roof rack installation  

 5th Gen 4Runner roof rack installation

 GX470 roof rack installation

 2nd Gen. Toyota Sequoia roof rack installation

Rivian R1T Roof Rack Installation





We will be adding more installation videos showing more specific model details. This video applies to the 100 series but all the racks mount essentially the same. We found that videos are the most effective way to show how to install the racks. If you have any questions please email us at prospeedrack@gmail.com and we'll do our best to assist you!

All Prospeed Racks come complete with side rails, 8 or more cross bars, a wind deflector and hardware to mount the roof rack to your vehicle.

The only additional item you will need is CLEAR SILICONE RTV that you can get from your local hardware or auto parts store.

  • Remember to always use hand tools to assemble your rack. All black oxide stainless steel bolts should be torqued to 7 lb-ft. 



  • When using our light bar brackets for the Diode Dynamics light bar remember to use the Diode Dynamics brackets in conjunction with our brackets and the shorter end attaches to the crossbar while to longer end attaches to the light bar. 


100 Series Racks :
On LX470 you will need to remove the gutter strip to unveil the Land Cruiser mounting holes. The LC have 6 mounting points instead of 4 on the LX470.

200 Series Racks : Tallest spacer should be in the center position. 2008-2015 oem racks can be removed from the top. They use floating plates which the hardware will bolt into. Be careful to remove the oem bolts by hand and install your new hardware by hand to prevent dropping the plates on your headliner. 2016-2021 will need the removal of the head liner to install the roof rack as the nuts can only be reached from under the roof.

1G and 2G Sequoia Racks : We use clear silicone around the holes,  plate sits on top of the roof then spacers on top of them which the racks bracket will mount on top and roof bolts and washers to thread it down to the roof. Be generous with the silicone and around all holes use clear silicone to insure a proper seal. Here’s an illustration of how to install your rack to your 1G and 2G Toyota Sequoia. 


Cargo Shelf Installation Guide

Cargo Shelf Installation:

It takes approximately 15 minutes to install. We recommend installing the side brackets first. You will use the OEM hardware. After installing both side brackets to your 3rd row handle location, with help have someone hold the shelf up while you install the provided hardware from bracket to cargo shelf. The shelf is adjustable and able to slide back and forth 3 inches.  

Angle bracket driver side installation pictured below for 100 Series 


- 2G Sequoia and 200 Series Cargo/Attic Shelf Installation

 For both models you will need to remove the OEM handle and you will notice there isn’t a bolt or nut. Remove the steel handle clip and it will expose a rectangle hole, use the slide nut with the 3/4" bolt and washer connected. Feed the flat slide nut in the rectangle hole opening at on both sides and tighten down the bolt but keep it loose to allow for the bracket to be installed. Install both bolts and slide/install the bracket on and then tighten the bolts down. Repeat on the other side and then install the cargo shelf last as shown in the installation video.



ALL IN ONE MOUNTS For Recovery Boards

 100 Series Landcruiser/LX470 Ditch Light Brackets

Rear Molle Accessory Panel 100 series




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